Imagine a place that looked like a cultural center but functioned like a small cafe’ at the same time.

Why not be all of the one or the other?

Non-profit type cultural centers have this aura of charity to them that I think squelches a lot of creative motivation. It is hard to get people in the doors. And I think our people–young, old, and in between are ready to begin a ‘post-enlightenment’ enlightenment–a serious cultural revival in the arts and humanities.

The cafe’/eatery paradigm works on so many levels, but it does not allow room for the sorts of interaction between visitors that I believe will enhance people’s desires to explore their creative potential in a more public setting–where they can encourage and be encouraged.

The basic function of Our4thWall establishments (brick and mortar) will look and feel like a real life social-media sharing platform but without the aid of wifi or electronic devices, (see “A Golden Business Opportunity”  for more details). The experience might prove interesting enough that people will want to equate that into their online social-media habits.

Thus, our4thwall.com has the potential to become the new gold-standard of internet social-media sharing, at least amongst those interested in sharing and communicating on a level that goes beyond the status-quo, which is becoming less and less satisfactory, the more people I talk to about it.

Beyond the basic function, which will appeal to many people from all walks of life there will also be opportunities for experiences in various art forms from visual to performance art, writing, music, etc., etc., etc..

If and when our society becomes a tumultuous place where people feel in danger of oppression of varying sorts, Our4thWall can be the go-to place of neutral ground where people go to lose their vulnerable identities (religion, age, sexual orientation) and engage in simply enjoyable activities that allow them at least some temporary shelter from whatever storm they are trying to escape.

*Note–neutral ground means a place where you do not escape opposing/oppressing forces only so you can more freely express yours. Neutral ground means a place to go where all controversial material from both sides of a debate remain aloof, in order to focus on the beautiful potential within each and every human being to be a powerful creative force. If we can do this, we will indeed see the prospects of another Renaissance, a Post-Enlightenment Enlightenment.